Hi, I'm Cassie and this is my personal website. Here you'll find my costumes, galleries of my other work and collections, links to my accounts on other sites and links to useful resources. To see what I'm currently working on you can visit my costuming blog. If you're interested in purchasing some of my work, please check out Fairytale Finery.


Site News

2/8/13- Whenever my bookmark folder gets a little too full of treasures found during my digital wandering I stumble back here and do a link dump. You're welcome.

I finished my Fai costume page. Not happy with the picture setup as I already mentioned but it'll do. What I really need is a photographer buddy to take better pictures. Added a lot of links today also including setting up the Art and Misc. link pages.

I'm making minor updates here and there, nothing major right now. I'm frustrated with my picture setup. I'd like a nice gallery feature for SiteSpinner but the closest thing it has is a table option. I guess I'd better resign myself to that or continue to have almost no pictures at all.

I think I've finally settled on just using tables for my pictures. I won't be able to comment on individual items but I think it's the best option for my setup right now so I'll be implementing that one page at a time.

- Another redesign begins. *sigh*

- Please continue to bear with me as I try to find the time to construct the new costume pages. I've been devoting my weekend free time to Excalibur so I didn't make any headway this week or last. For the time being my previous Costumes page can still be found here.

- I'm starting to build the individual costume pages and I'm adding a page for general costuming advice and recommended reading. As I'm copying the text over from my old site on my costume pages I'm noticing a lot of irrelevant prattle so I may do some editing. Since I have the blog now I probably won't be putting so much information in my new costume pages.

- New site design is now live! I'm still missing lots of pages but I wanted to go ahead and publish what I have so far.

- CosplayCassie.com has a whole new look...again! I made a new "Tools of The Trade" theme for my blog and decided to use it here as well for the time being. This, of course, threw the previously completed pages into havoc but it's only a matter of repositioning the content.

- Birthday update! SiteSpinner is currently only $30 on Amazon as opposed to $50 so I went ahead and made a present of it for myself. Made the new sample pics for the Drawing Board page and tidied up the costume page.

- Working on the various Links pages to weed out all the dead ones and add a few new finds.

- CosplayCassie.com has a whole new look!

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