My Fluttershy project is officially underway! It took forever to cut everything out since I decided to underline it. I also had to make a trip to JoAnn’s because I ran out of fabric, I hadn’t decided to underline it when I first bought it. It was raining and I nearly had a bad fall when I stepped off their rug and onto their highly polished floor. Forgot I was wearing my suicide flip flops. They must be in line for some insurance money because that’s not the first time they’ve tried to do me in. Homicidal footwear aside the first phase went pretty well. Here’s a shot of my very first underlined pattern piece. Terribly exciting, I know!


I couldn’t find any suitable shoes to paint at the thrift stores so I turned to eBay. I found tons of cutie-poo shoes but they were all shipping from China and my event is in less than two weeks. I ended up finding these Soda shoes in the US and they’re already yellow. I have another pair of Soda shoes and I like them pretty well so maybe these won’t rub my heel through to the bone. I hope they aren’t too bright.

I guess I can quit being cryptic about Fluttershy now. I just don’t want it to be copied before I even get to finish it myself lol. I was trying to decide what would make a nice Fluttershy dress and I had recently done Alice in Wonderland so a crossover popped into my head. I had no idea Fluttershy in Wonderland was already a thing. I don’t look at much brony stuff so that’s not surprising. Even so, I didn’t see where anyone had done the actual costume so I came up with this design. Now it’s just a race to get done by my event date!

Craft room fix

I spent nearly the entire day rearranging my craft room. I think it was worth it. Now there’s a big open space in the middle with nothing but the table I do my cutting and such on. It’s a 72″ buffet table that I’ve used for years. Today I added casters to it. Now I can roll it where I need it and I have the added benefit of it being a little taller. Crouching over it to cut pattern pieces should be a little less painful now.

I also added about 15 more patterns to the pattern index. I’ve almost finished 3 boxes now. Yay!

Goodies arrived!

I’ve had these for about a week now but I keep forgetting to post. I got my tights for my Fluttershy project, I think I’ll remove the icky bows. I’d remove the lace as well but it’s attached with a cover hem so it’d be a pain. My horsehair braid is also for Fluttershy, I’m looking forward to trying it out for the first time. The Swarovski crystals I got for G2 ponies are soooo pretty in person. I want to put them on all the things! Finally, I got a little tub of Pros-Aide. I hope I get to try my head cast again soon so I can test it out.


Shelf liner

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my Blind Bag Pony Shelves and I decided I needed something to protect my tabletop from wood glue, wood putty and paint. I picked up a roll of Easy Liner shelf liner with the smooth top and grippy bottom. 20″ was the widest they had.



I rolled it out and used it while I glued up all my joints and attached my corner hardware. I also did my painting on it.


It’s easy to wipe clean and it stays in place very well. The rubbery surface is also helpful, it protects the shelves from scratches and dings. The one unfortunate thing about it is that it leaves these little specks of grippy stuff on the surface when it’s pulled up.


I had wanted something I could roll out, work on and pack away again. In light of the mess it leaves behind I’d say it’d be better for a more semi-permanent covering. Maybe as I use it more it’ll stop leaving the specks. It could also have to do with my table top being painted matte, maybe it wouldn’t do that on a glossy surface. Testing will continue.

Catastrophe and patterns

I’ve added to my Pattern Index but I’m still not even a third of the way through them. I think I might be the tiniest bit addicted to patterns. I scanned another box of them in but I still need to edit them before I can upload. My momentum was messed up this weekend when our well pump went out. We’re currently having to go to relatives’ houses to do all our washing and showering so that pretty much throws our days out of whack.

Ball point bodkins and other goodies

A ball point bodkin is a handy tool to have in your sewing kit. They’re great for turning spaghetti straps and threading elastic through a casing. They’re relatively inexpensive and will save a ton of time and frustration.


I just bought my first horse hair braid from Vogue Fabrics! I got the 2″ width with the thread at the top that can be pulled up to match the curve of the skirt. It should do nicely for my Fluttershy project. I also got a 1 oz. container of Pros-Aide to try with my next head casting attempt. I don’t like the crusty feeling of the spirit gum so we’ll see how this works out. I also got the Pros-Aide remover since it sounds like it’s pretty tough stuff.

Random things I want to remember

The next time I do a skirt with an insane amount of ruffles (I’m looking at you, CLAMP) I want to try horsehair braid in the hem. Here’s a nice little written tutorial on the subject and here’s a YouTube video if you’re too lazy to read like I am.

Fashion croquis templates are predesigned figures that are used for sketching fashion designs. Doing a quick search of Google images turns up tons of them in various styles and poses. I’m usually too impatient to draw my own so these are a good option. If you do use one just make sure to give the creator credit in your writeup.

Finally, Generation 2 My Little Ponies all have eye jewels which sometimes fall out and become lost. I like to think they simply joined Bilbo in the Undying Lands but wherever they end up they still leave an unsightly dent in the poor pony’s eye. To remedy this, Swarovski crystals make excellent replacement jewels. Point back size PP18 seems to be the closest match. The color is up to you but I like Crystal AB as it compliments any pony.