MLP Fair Fluttershy

Back from the MLP Fair! Here’s a pic of my Fluttershy in Wonderland costume as I wore it to the fair:


I ran out of time before I could get everything done. I got the basics but had to leave out the wings, ears and symbol on the pinafore. Even so, people recognized me as Fluttershy in Wonderland. I think I’ll bring this with me to DragonCon the next time I go. I’ll have to make a Discord as Mad Hatter costume for Ken. I also wanted to make an Angel bunny plush with a little waistcoat and pocket watch. By the time I go to DragonCon again next year it may be irrelevant lol.

Here are my goodies from the fair! All but the ponies came with my ticket package. I only found two ponies, Tootsie and Flowerbelle but Flowerbelle has super pink hair which can be hard to find. She just needs a little styling.



Aaaand the MLP Fair/SDCC exclusive…Mane-iac Mayhem and Spike as Humdrum. *sigh* Humdrum, indeed. I bought this with my ticket package before it was announced what the exclusive would be. I really hoped they’d do a G1/G4 crossover of some sort as the hints suggested but we got this instead. It’s not really my cup of tea so it’s going up on eBay soon.


New section on my site & Fluttershy progress

I added a section for Tutorials under the “Other” menu item. I made a tutorial about how I added casters to my banquet table so I thought I’d give it a home on my site. I also have a tutorial for making risers for My Little Ponies but it’s not in image format yet. I originally posted it on MLP Arena so it’s still around. Maybe after I’m done with Fluttershy I’ll get that tutorial on here as well.

I worked part of Thursday and nearly all of yesterday on my Fluttershy dress. I’m happy to report it’s going well! I still have a lot to do though so I’m going to try to make this quick so I can get back to it. My shoes showed up Thursday and I couldn’t resist putting the stockings on to see how they looked together. The color matches my dress fabric exceptionally well and they seem to fit so I guess the shoes are a success. I would have liked something a bit more visually interesting but that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute.

Side note, I also got up this morning to watch the premier of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal and it was fantastic! I’ll have to watch it again later today, I got teary-eyed or overly excited at certain parts and probably missed stuff lol. I really hope the show makes it all the way to Stars, it seems like it’s being handled very well. I wonder if the people working on it were Sailor Moon fans back in the day? They weren’t kidding when they said it would be closer to the manga, they went panel by panel at some points. The only bad thing is we have to wait another two weeks for the next episode T_T