Investigation has begun for Velma. I’ve located just about everything but the sweater. I’ve found a few turtlenecks that’d do in a pinch but I’d rather have the cowl neck. I did find a pattern for a cowl neck shirt but I’d have to find just the right shade of orange sweater knit fabric (or dye it) and even then it wouldn’t look right without the ribbed band at the bottom. Searches for white sweaters to dye didn’t turn up much either. I found similar styles but the fibers won’t take dye. Velma really shouldn’t be this difficult. I can’t find red suede mary janes in the correct style and shade either but I did find a pair of red patent mary janes that are the right style. I think I might try flocking them. The socks are going to be hit or miss. I’ll just have to order some and see if they’ll do. Luckily it looks like they don’t have to be an exact match for the sweater. Unless my eyes deceive me they appear to be slightly more yellowish than the sweater. I haven’t really put much effort into finding a wig yet, I don’t anticipate that being too difficult. I found a skirt pattern that’s pretty much an exact match except for length, I just need to order it and get myself to Joann’s to look for fabric. I may use the costume glasses I already have but I also have my eye on this┬ápair from Amazon. They’re more like the classic cartoon version though. They’re cheap enough that I may just get them anyway.