The Invisible (Wo)man

So I’ve been MIA for almost two years now, as is my way. I’ve been doing projects in that time but I’m really forgetful/lazy about documentation. I’m going to attempt to pick back up where I left off and fill in the gap with what I worked on.

We finally got a pretty nice headcast done in June of 2016. Ditching the alginate for silicone was what made the difference. Alginate is great, you can get nice detail from it and it’s affordable but the short pot life just isn’t conducive to a one-person operation. The silicone allowed Ken to take his time with the details since it’s able to be applied in layers. We shot a video of the entire process, I have a couple screenshots from it below. Unfortunately, the video appears to have been sacrificed to the gods of media since it’s now nowhere to be found on my computer. Also below is a shot of the first cast I got from this fancy silicone mold. The ears didn’t survive but other than that it turned out nicely and since the mold is indefinitely reusable I can do another pull later if I need one with intact ears. This was intended to sculpt a Catwoman cowl on so the ears were fated to be removed anyway. I still haven’t cleaned up the little blobs and whatnot on it, she just sits on my desk behind my laptop closing her eyes in exasperation at my laziness.

Fun Fact: When the silicone mold was being removed, it bruised my nose near the corner of my eye. My duplicate essentially gave me a black eye. There’s a lesson to be learned here.


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