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~Sailor Moon~

From: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Worn at: AWA 2005

    This is definitely one of my most enjoyable costumes to wear. It was also my first cosplay, but this is the latest version of it. My very first Sailor Moon costume was a commission and has since been sold. I'm happy with how mine turned out, I went to great pains to make it as accurate as possible. I'm especially proud of the sleeves, they surprisingly came out perfectly accurate. The only thing that I would change is the length of the torso, I wish it had been a little longer. Something to keep in mind the next time I make another sailor senshi costume. The hair is mine all but the tails. I had bangs cut especially for this costume, and my real hair is tied up in odangos with the synthetic tails hanging from them. This is not a fun or quick thing to do, so hopefully I'll get a Sailor Moon wig made before I cosplay her again. The tails had the curl at the ends when I started out with them, but they gradually fell out. It was no easy task keeping them curled and untangled at the convention =P The boots were found on the internet and modified. The tiara, star locket and moon wand were all bought items. I used satin for my collar, skirt, bows and glove tops. I made my brooch from polymer clay and acrylic gems. The odango covers, choker and earrings were also made by me.