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All of the Links pages are now converted over to the new style and I finally brought all of my Sailor Earth Says links over from my old site. Aiko's page has been converted to the new style and she even obliged me with telling a little bit about herself. Added logos from shows into the graphics section so it isn't so dull. Also added an image map to the Sailor Moon graphics section to eliminate my grocery list of characters.



The Avatars and Desktops pages are built and I converted the main Graphics page to the new style, but the actual galleries are still old style. I also converted Furries and Cosplay Links.



I've decided that some changes are in order. I made an entirely new layout with a second control panel to the right of the main text box. I also did away with the large buttons and replaced them with simple text links, leaving lots of room for more links. In doing so I eliminated the need for a few pages. My About Me page was re-done, leaving only my short bio and favorites. The links that were previoulsy on my About Me page are now in the right control panel so they can be accessed more easily (for me). The costuming page will be split into finished/in-progress costumes and costumes that I have yet to do. That should cut down on the load time of that page. My guestbooks, contact info, updates, link to, and site map have all been moved from the index to the left control panel. Cleared up a lot of space on the homepage. Overall I'm trying to make everything a little more sleek and not so cluttered. I chose a Sailor Moon theme this time around with the Moon Kingdom/ Silver Millennium in the background and Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask on the control panels. I also included my new logo in the banner. 



Added Amalthea pictures



Tweaked around with my About Me page today. I added a lot to the Places to Find Me section. Ended up uploading a few pictures to in the process. Anywho, it'll make things easier on me because I can access all those accounts through my website now.



Uploaded a crapload of pictures into my Friends album on my About Me page. I'm thinking of breaking it into subcategories so it won't take so long to load. Dunno quite how to divide it. Maybe by years.



I got my Vash costume posted. Added two more costumes to possibilities. Moved Quistis to In Progress and posted reference pics and pics of the old costume. Fixed my Furries page, the thumbnails weren't showing up for some reason. Messed with the BJD page a couple weeks ago.




Did a lot of work on the Links page. I added quite a lot to the Costuming section, and while I was at it I separated it into sections like Supplies, Info and so on. Makes it easier to find the type of thing you're looking for. The Miscellaneous, MLP, Conventions and Sailor Earth Says links pages work now. I still have a few links to add, but all the sections are pretty well-stocked, except for Sailor Earth Says. It's my bedtime so that'll have to wait for another day ^ ^; In the meantime, I suggest you follow the one link that is posted and watch the "train" commercial. I took a few pictures of some ponies who were ready for their close-ups, so I'll try to get my pony galleries started within the week. I put up a page for the store, but I don't have any items for sale just yet.



I finished the Sailor Moon graphics gallery and added the BJD and Art and Design links pages. The MLP page works now and I have my wish list up. The list isn't up to date yet in the 03-04 years, but I'll get around to it.




I added more galleries to the graphics section, all in Sailor Moon. I covered all the inner scouts and Tuxedo Mask, and next time I'll finish off the rest. Added a small gallery of Aiko in BJD's. That page still needs some work, but at least it leads somewhere other than an error page now. I put bookmarks on my costumes page to eliminate some of the scrolling. I also made a new In Progress section, to which I moved Squall and posted pictures of the making of my gunblade.




I added a Banner page for those who would like to link to my site. It can be found on the home page. I also went back and edited my About Me page here and there. I made all the galleries so that the pictures open up in a new window. Much easier to navigate =P The Furries page in my About Me section is functional, but not complete. Now that I've learned how to make galleries open in new windows I'll probably do Furries over, but it'll go much quicker that way. The Graphics page works now and the CCS and Chobits galleries are up.



Changed most of the pictures on the Costume page from buttons to tiles. Added a few more costumes to the possibilities section.



Added Witch Hunter Robin, Bunny PJ's, Julia and Wind Pretear to Cosplay section. More to come.



I got my Art page started with a few of my pencil drawings. As soon as I get a new scanner or get access to someone else's I'll upload a few of my newer drawings.



So I finally got around to fixing my site. FrontPage and I are getting along fine, so the updates should come more often. So far I've got my Links page up, but only the Cosplay/Costume links work in it as of yet. I got my cosplay page up, and so far my Fai, Sailor Moon, Serenity, Serena and Blue Mage pages are up. The e-mail button is also functional should you want to contact me. The site loads much more quickly now, and the layout is easy to navigate. I'll probably end up changing my theme, but for now I'll just worry about getting everything functional. The next things I update will probably be my About Me page, and of course more of my costume pages.


All information below pertains to a previous version of

I went ahead and posted my Robin page even though it's not entirely finished. The transparent picture beside the text is grainy around the edges. I wasn't able to finish it in one sitting, like I usually do, and I saved it in the wrong format and got what you see. I have to start all over now because that looks like poo. At this point, I would normally use a crying emoticon, but the frowny will have to do =( I don't have very many pictures posted yet either. Didn't take many at the con, but I had planned on taking more before Halloween. I wore Robin to school the Friday before Halloween, but it was just so hot that day I had to come out of it. The rednecks got a kick out of it though. "Huh huh! Looky thar Bubba, she's got handle bars." Suddenly I'm reminded of why I hide in my car between classes. Anyway, I'll get that fixed up as soon as I can. I'm reluctant to do too much to those pages until I get the index page how I want it, because I'll have to go through every page and make the same changes to maintain that frames feel I have going on. I'm stumped on something with my index page is why I don't have that done yet. See, I'm not really lazy. Really! =D I also added a poll today to fill up the rest of that space in, I mean, to collect valuable information.

I added another link or two, one to the cosplay section and a couple to my Project Earth links. My Witch Hunter Robin costume page is almost ready to go. I mucked up on one part so now I have to do it over -_-; I'll post that as soon as I get it fixed

The Links section is somewhat sane now. I divided them all into their own pages based on content, because I think it makes it much easier to use. I haven't finished adding all my links in yet, but the layout is there and the rest of the links will come soon. Also, you probably saw that the main page is different. I wanted the main viewing box to have it's own scroll bar so that the buttons always stay within easy reach. The next thing I would like to do is to add a thing or two to the new potential right-hand control panel I opened up. Possibly a calendar or polls or whatever else I can think of to stuff in there. I'd also like to put a live clock in the right side of the upper control bar, but I don't know if some browsers would chop that part off or not. Once I get all that figured out, I'm going to tackle some of the graphic galleries. They need to be updated to the new style and I think I'm going to make them pop up in a new window instead of having the entire page go to the picture. Plus, I have tons of new pictures I need to add so I can get them off my computer, lol. Again, if there's anything specific you'd really like to see updated soon, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. "When is she going to update the Updates page?" =3

You may notice that the Sailor Earth button is gone ^_^ I moved it to the top navigation bar because I plan on treating it like its own site. Same for My Little Ponies. The layout for my MLP page has changed quite a bit as I moved it over to the new style. So...both Sailor Earth and My Little Ponies are now divisions of CosplayCassie and have their own layouts and links. Oi, but it's so much work u_u;

Sorry for the inactivity as of late ^ ^; I've been doing lots of commissions and a couple of my own costumes. If you noticed my links page being all tossed around, it's because that's the next section to have a makeover =^_^= If, by any chance, you have a particular page you'd like to see updated soon, just give me the word and I'll get on it. I'm currently doing it in a random fashion.

I have a new, frames-like layout that I'm applying to all my pages. As I have quite a few pages, this will take me a good while to finish. Some of them require a little computer art on my part, so that adds to the time. It's worth it though. Check out my Vash costume to see what I mean. The Vash page is the only one that I have completely moved over to the new layout. When you click the links I haven't worked on at all, it'll go to the original training wheels version of that page. If you stick around long enough, I'll get it udated.

I added my Pikachu costume recently and today I added Sailor Earth and my Serena PJ's. I also changed the layout of the costume gallery because a few complainers said the little buttons were confusing. Now it shows a full picture of the character's face, so that should make the selection easier. I also worked on my My Little Pony want list. Most of them are on there now and most of them have photo references. It's more of a list for me to keep up with them, but I wouldn't say no if someone decided to get me a pony for being such a good webmaster ^_^;

The Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Chibi Moon, Pairs, Groups and Chobits galleries are all back up. I'm almost done fixing up the graphics galleries ^_^ After I finish that, I'll upload my pictures from the Tennessee Renaissance Festival and JACON, along with my new costumes.

The Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Inu-Yasha, Tuxedo Mask and Trigun galleries are fully repaired and everything should work fine, with no missing pictures. It's really boring to go through the lists and make sure all the pictures are posted and fix all the little linky-dinks. Pfft, I'll get it done eventually so I can move on to something more exciting.

I finally have policies now. I also made an individual policy page just for my store. Hopefully that will answer most questions that you might have. Another thing I added is an order form. The only way to get to it right now is through my store policies and the only way to get to my store policies is through my site policies. I'll get that fixed up soon so they can both be accessed from the store page. I should be able to add a couple more items to it soon as well, so be looking out for it!

I added about half of the MTAC gallery. I'm too tired from all the editing and loading to mess with the full page of html tonight. I'll complete it sometime this weekend if it I see fit to do so.

I added 3 out of my 4 costumes from MTAC. Serena is the only one left, along with my pictures of everyone else. I did better with my costume pictures this time. Tried to get them all from the front, back and side. Some of those, like the Vash coat, were taken because I plan on selling them in my store. Well, I hope you enjoy them!

I finally got around to starting my Store page. The only thing I have on there so far is the Quistis whip. I need to take more close-up shots and photos from different angles of the costumes before putting them on there. I think the next addition I make to it will be Witch Hunter Robin glasses and pendant (sold seperately, lol). Everyone seems to be hot to get their hands on her pendant right now. I'll also be adding the majority of the costumes from the My Costumes section to the store. I also have 3 new costumes in production that I'll be adding in about 2 weeks.

The AWA9 pics are up now. Probably should have fixed all those broken links before playing with that, but ah well.

Everything is moved into the proper files now, but I haven't renamed them on all the pages just yet. I did make my costume page look a little better. Other than the graphics galleries, I think I'll do away with all the little boxes that distort the pictures. Between college and cosplay, I just don't have as much time as I'd like to mess with my site.

I know there are a lot of things missing at the moment. This is because I am moving everything into subdomains and after I get done moving them, I'll have to go to each page and change all the file names. I should be done with this in another day or two.

After many trials and errors, I have figured out how to make images transparent with adobe. Turns out, all I was missing was the 'save for web' option. Heh ^-^; You'll also see that I finally did away with the old sailor scout buttons and made some that actually match the page. I added 3 new buttons, Sailor Earth, Store, and Conventions (more info on those in the site map). Credits was replaced because I'm going to put that in the Links section where it really belonged in the first place. I'm still playing around with the title. I want to get it juuust right, but haven't been able to do so =P

I changed the graphics pages around a little. I got rid of all the mismatched pictures and just replaced them with simple show titles. The Sailor Moon characters are on their own page once you follow the link from the main graphics page. Before, I had all the outer scouts lumped into one gallery. I have decided to break them into their own, but have not done so as of yet. I added links to the bottoms of some of the character galleries that lead directly back to the main graphics gallery. One of my goals is to make everything more user friendly =) You'll also see that I've *finally* gotten around to making some progress on my MLP page as well. Although, since I haven't completed a custom pony yet or taken any of the pictures of my originals, that'll be a while ^_^;

Added Site Map. Hopefully it'll be useful.

I reworked my art section. It looks better than all the scrunched little boxes and I can include comments now (a.k.a. make fun of them).

I've added quite a bit to the costume section since I last updated. I've also improved on my about me page, adding a journal, album, and poetry. There have been a few graphics added in different sections. My homepage has been changed around, but it still needs some work. Let's see....I added a few things to my art section as well.

As you can see, my site is a mess. I'm trying to put things in a more logical order and the result so far is chaos. The costume section and the home page are in the middle of rennovation, everything else is still ok.

In order to add the new sections, I have decided to change my site around quite a bit. If only I knew how to do frames *sob* Among the new sections will be a commission section. I won't be able to accept orders for a few weeks, so just keep and eye out for when that opens up.

Got some information on how to make amv's. I may decide to get into that sometime soon. Right now I'm running an auction on ebay for a custom made Chi costume. I'm considering adding a commissioned costumes feature to my site, but for now I'll settle for ebay. If I did decide to add that to my site, I'd only be able to take 2 or maybe 3 costumes at one time. I'll think about it ;)

Got my pictures developed from AWA. Next time I think I'll do them all digital, I wasn't very pleased with how they came out. Still, I had a good time and some of them came out fairly well. Now I plan on going to every con I can get my hands on. I'll be adding the costumes I wore to my costume section sometime and I'll also make a new section for con pics (which I hope I'll get to add to frequently) =D Also, I'm working on a new layout for Halloween. Woo-hoo! I get to dress up again! Hmmm...I think I'll be an elf this year...

4 days until I leave for AWA. Tensions are high. My Quistsis costume is done, but it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it, so I'm a little ticked about that. If I have time, I'm going to try to fix it. My Chobits dress isn't done and neither are the little ears that go with it. That isn't going right either, the sleeves didn't turn out the way I wanted. Guess this is what I get for doing 2 costumes at once.

I worked on my pets section a little. I made buttons for some of my cats, but none of the pet galleries have pictures in them yet. I added the Inu-Yasha gallery, it has a few images in it so far. Guess that's about all for now.

I've been adding home buttons to various pages to make the site a little more user friendly. Also, I have put a lot more pictures in my existing galleries. I hope to add some new galleries soon. I'll probably tackle Inu-Yasha first, then maybe move on to my pet gallery. Most of them need updating, they kinda suck at the moment ^_~

Ran out of money to buy extra space with, so I had to stop...again. Luckily, I have a job now, so I can once again contribute to my project. I came up with lots of ideas while I wasn't able to upgrade. Now I just have to find the time between school, work, and making my costumes for AWA to do it O_o No worries, I'll get it done.

I've been offline again for a bit. Hopefully it's all fixed now so there will be no more delays. Well, I finally got a program so I can make my own buttons. They aren't the best, but they look better than what I had. I also got my gallery section up. That part of my site will never be truly finished because I'll always be adding new stuff to it. I'm just happy to have finally made some progress!

Haven't been able to access the net for 3 or so days now, courtesy of my reliable internet service provider! I'll try to make up for lost time. I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on my graphics galleries. I'll get them ready to go go go a.s.a.p.

I've changed the layout of my costume and artwork sections. I'm also working on a graphics page with lots of different stuff! I hope to get it up and running soon.

Hello all! I will be updating my page daily during the summer, so please come and visit again^_^