~Himeno awayuki, wind Prétear~

From: Prétear

Made for: MTAC 2005

    I chose to do the manga version of this costume because I liked the original colors and designs better than what came out in the anime. Unfortunately, since no full color pictures of her manga Wind costume ever came out, it was partially guesswork. However, her costume matches the Knight whose power she is using, so since I had a color picture of Hayate, that gave me a pretty good idea of how her costume should look. Also, there is one partial picture of it in color.

    For the torso, I just went ahead and extended it into a short dress putting blue bias tape at the top and white at the bottom with a zipper up the back. The skirts are just two trapezoids that are pinned on with a brooch on either side. The gloves were bought and modified. The shoes were a pain to find. I looked everywhere for just the right style and when I finally found them they were black with some icky floral design on them. I set to work with my seam ripper and got the flowers off, then I had the stitch holes to deal with. I tried filling them in with gesso and sanding them, but nothing worked so I just left them as is. The boot covers weren't too bad. It took a few fittings to get them to the point that they didn't slip down, but they turned out fine. The anti-gravity sleeves were a challenge. I used wire for it, but it kept bending and twisting inside the seam, thus warping the sleeve. When I repair these, I'll use boning instead for the sleeve and perhaps craft foam for the long pieces.

    The crown turned out horribly the first time around, so I scrapped it. I'd used polymer clay and it just wasn't doing what I needed it to do, so I switched over to craft foam, with much more satisfying results. The wig came styled, then I sent it off to Katie to have it dyed. The brooches that are all over this costume were made with casting resin. I'm still not thrilled with the way they turned out, but it was better than my first try. Her sword was my first attempt at a prop. I used plywood for the basic shape then built the blade up with wood filler. This stuff has the consistency of tacky peanut butter, and is about as easy to work with. Once I got the basic shape, I did my fine-tuning with wood putty. For an added touch, I tried to make a resin gem in the pommel of the sword. I carved out half of the diamond on one side and filled it with resin, then when it was dry I did the same on the other side, carving into the resin on the finished side. The result was cloudy and messy, I'm sorry to say.

    I currently have no pictures of this costume. I didn't get to wear it until PersaCon, and I didn't take any pictures there. Hopefully I'll get some pictures eventually.


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