Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Leekeworld– A great places to buy wigs, shoes, eyes and accessories. They also have their own line of dolls.

LUTS– Another excellent place for wigs, shoes and the like. They also carry a fairly large collection of dolls in a range of sizes.

Dream of Doll– DoD carries their own dolls in various sizes. They also have clothing, wigs, eyes and shoes.

Volks– The first company to come up with bjd’s. They have a large collection of dolls in various sizes and styles along with accessories. We now have a Volks store in the US, which you can visit here.

Den of Angels– Their forum is one of the best places to go if you have a question about anything BJD-related or if you’re just looking to network. Also, check out the FAQ.

Broken Symphony– A really good source for information on caring for and customizing your doll with lots of step-by-step photos.

Dollmore– Another all-around site with dolls, clothing, wigs, carrying bags and other accessories.

Doll in Mind– Line of dolls in a range of sizes along with clothes, wigs and other accessories.

Souldoll– Another line of dolls with a variety of clothes, shoes and other accessories to choose from.

Doll Heart– Clothes, wigs, shoes, and other accessories for your dolls.

Ersa Flora– Beautiful custom made doll eyes.

Dolls N Daggers– Site for custom Barbies but make for good BJD inspiration.

Dale Rae– Custom BJD clothes and patterns- check out the page on enlarging people patterns from the instruction sheet here.

Iple House– A wide range of dolls and clothes, wigs, shoes, etc.

Nobility Doll– Has their own doll line and a custom option called “Special My Ball Jointed Doll” that provides services like Minimee.

Denver Doll– A good US resource for lots of different doll types including ball-jointed. They also carry clothes, eyes, wigs and shoes.

Alice’s Collections– BJD clothes and other stuff at decent prices.

For My Doll– Another source for wigs, eye, clothes, shoes, etc.