Bookshelves! Woo!

I have such a backlog of stuff I haven’t documented that I don’t know where to start sometimes. How about bookshelves? Okay then! Ken and I finally organized the bookshelves! Look at that sweet, sweet organization. Everything is grouped together by subject and each subject is organized by height. Well, except for my paperback novels. I tried to keep series together and organize by height but the top shelf could still use some re-ordering. The important thing is my reference books on the bottom shelf are no longer leaning over and getting their spines all twisted. It pained me every time I looked at them. Now I have little metal bookends slid between them every so often to provide more support.

We had to part ways with a few books so they could all fit standing up instead of being stacked all over the tops of other books. They were mostly books we’d read already so it wasn’t so bad sending them to the next chapter in their adventure. I should probably pare them down even more (curse you, KonMari!) but I think for now I’ll let them be. They’re pretty to look at so they count as art…right? I’ve probably gone on too long about my books at this point. Whatevs, I used this as my desktop image because bookshelves are the bee’s knees!

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