D*C Hotel Woes and Young Skywalker

I had an atypical experience booking the Marriott last October. Usually I just sit there trembling like a chihuahua for about half an hour waiting for the rooms to drop then I get one with no trouble. This time was different. The site was being sluggish, as usual, but then it froze on me. When it came back up a few seconds later all the rooms were gone. I went numb with panic (I know, first world problems) and started hitting refresh as though my life depended on it. Finally, I accepted defeat and reserved myself to scrounging through the virtual dumpster for cast-off rooms in the coming months. It was almost an hour later when I decided to try again just for giggles. Holy crap, it went through! I got a confirmation number and everything…but did I really? I kept going back and checking it to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. I still log in and check that the reservation is there every few weeks. I’ve read accounts of people having their reservations dropped without notice so my paranoia isn’t unfounded in this case. Also, they were supposed to take the rest of the balance in March but the charge never showed up. I learned via FB D*C Hotel groups that other people had been charged so that just adds fuel to my paranoia fire, yay!

Now for some more up-to-date notes so that I don’t forget details.

I’m working on a female version of Luke Skywalker’s “death star duel” costume from Return of the Jedi. The only real changes I’m making are hairstyle and fitting the costume to a lady. The hair won’t be anything fancy as she’d be a farmgirl and not inclined toward Padmé levels of ridiculousness. Something along the lines of Qui Gon Ginn’s hair, maybe. Through my research I found that the fabric was likely a wool gabardine so I found a stretch wool gabardine from Mood Fabrics. The stretch should help the pants fit better as they are pretty form-fitting even on Mark Hamill. For the bib (the gray/white flap that folds down), I got a linen hopsack fabric in pale gray from Jo-Ann Fabrics- Item # 15468820 for the curious. 

Progress has been slow due, in part, to being back in school- I’m working on a second Bachelor’s. I’ve done 4 classes so far counting the one summer course I’m currently enrolled in. The going is slow because I already have nearly all the gen. ed. classes I need and my core curriculum (Computer Science) is only offered at certain times of the year. I’ll get there.

More updates coming soon. Unless I’m tired or I forget or just don’t want to do it.


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