Moon Elf Mage

Worn at: Tennessee Renaissance Festival 2005/ MTAC 2006

I made this costume to wear to the renaissance festival. I had a lot of blue velvet on hand that I’d been given and decided to design my own mage costume for it. I used a base pattern for the top and made a few modifications. I already had the wig to use for Amalthea and I liked the way it looked with it so it became part of the costume. The staff was purchased at the ren fair, and the ears came from Hightower Crafts. The band around my waist was made using belts I got at a second hand store. I cut them to shape, glued them into a V, painted them and adorned them with matching trims then I punched holes in the ends to lace them together. The leg covers were made with a faux suede then bound with leather cording. Apologies for the crappy living room background. Also, this got me kicked out of the renaissance festival. Apparently boobs spilling out of your top are fine but thighs are too risqué.