My Little Pony

My Little Pony– The official Hasbro site

Dream Valley– Pony identification, mostly dealing with the 1st and 2nd generation ponies

Strawberry Reef– Originally a resource guide for G3 ponies but it is being expanded to include all generations

MLPTP– My Little Pony Trading Post forums

Custom Pony– Tutorials, galleries, and supplies but I’m not sure if she still takes orders

My Little Pony Fair– Large-scale MLP collector’s convention

Aikarin– Custom ponies, tips, and ponies for sale

My Little Ponyland– Guide for all three generations in an easy to browse format categorized by year

Soft Flock– Carries several colors of flocking– Carries several hair colors that are close matches to the original pony hair. Also has a color guide with photos comparing their hair colors to actual ponies– Similar to in that they carry colors specifically for mlp’s and have a color guide with pictures of the original ponies

My Little Pony Arena– Has a wealth of pony information along with forums on just about any pony topic you can think of, and then some. There’s also an area to trade or buy ponies, a place for customs, artwork, and a lot of other extras

Aves Clay and Mache– A lot of people use their Apoxie for customs

DoctoredLocks– The silky straight kanekalon braid can be used for pony hair

Potomac Display– Acrylic stairs perfect for pony display but expensive

Blue Rose Pony Price Guide– Average completed Ebay auctions, very handy for pricing your ponies but I wouldn’t go solely by these prices as some are a few years old

The MLP Preservation Project– Excellent resource for restoration advice including cleaning, re-hairing, styling, whitening and lots more

My Little Wiki– Resource for info on all generations of MLP

Ponyland Press– Another G1 MLP resource guide with lots of fun extras

MLP Hair Color Guide– list of hair colors for mainly G1 ponies corresponding to Dolly Hair and My Little Customs

Rainbow Forest– G2 ID site