Ball point bodkins and other goodies

A ball point bodkin is a handy tool to have in your sewing kit. They’re great for turning spaghetti straps and threading elastic through a casing. They’re relatively inexpensive and will save a ton of time and frustration.


I just bought my first horse hair braid from Vogue Fabrics! I got the 2″ width with the thread at the top that can be pulled up to match the curve of the skirt. It should do nicely for my Fluttershy project. I also got a 1 oz. container of Pros-Aide to try with my next head casting attempt. I don’t like the crusty feeling of the spirit gum so we’ll see how this works out. I also got the Pros-Aide remover since it sounds like it’s pretty tough stuff.

Random things I want to remember

The next time I do a skirt with an insane amount of ruffles (I’m looking at you, CLAMP) I want to try horsehair braid in the hem. Here’s a nice little written tutorial on the subject and here’s a YouTube video if you’re too lazy to read like I am.

Fashion croquis templates are predesigned figures that are used for sketching fashion designs. Doing a quick search of Google images turns up tons of them in various styles and poses. I’m usually too impatient to draw my own so these are a good option. If you do use one just make sure to give the creator credit in your writeup.

Finally, Generation 2 My Little Ponies all have eye jewels which sometimes fall out and become lost. I like to think they simply joined Bilbo in the Undying Lands but wherever they end up they still leave an unsightly dent in the poor pony’s eye. To remedy this, Swarovski crystals make excellent replacement jewels. Point back size PP18 seems to be the closest match. The color is up to you but I like Crystal AB as it compliments any pony.

Wig clips

The wig clips I ordered have arrived! I got 40 of them for $1.98 with free shipping, can’t beat that. Simply sew them into your wig close to the edge and clip them into your hairline and the edge of your wig cap. Voila! No more embarrassing incidents where your wig slides back and exposes your hairline. I wish I’d known about these when I wore zombie Sailor Moon.


More boring site updates

I mostly tweaked existing pages but I did make new pages for the Galleries, Links and Other pages. They should now work on mobile devices. I tweaked the banner a little adding better text. I’d like to have a few banners that cycle through when a new link is clicked on but I didn’t get to that today. I did go through and fix the Costume Links page. It’s all pretty now with links at the top of the page that jump to whatever section you select.

Pre-washing fabric without fraying

I have a Jo-Ann store nearby now so I think it’s pretty safe to say I can kiss my “reduce my fabric stash” goal goodbye. This blue and purple tie-dye cotton told me it wanted to come home with me today and be a peasant top. I have trouble saying no to fabric and cats so naturally it got to come home with me. I usually launder my fabrics before I start working on them but what to do about those raw edges? If you’ve got a serger just serge them along the edge and it’s ready for washing. You can also get away with a plain straight stitch about a quarter of an inch away from the edge of most fabrics. There will be some fraying with this method but it will stop at the stitching. Serging prevents all fraying.

photo (12)

More costumes added

I added my Sailor Moon and Serena costumes to the costume page tonight. I could probably go back and refine the writeup on them but I’ll leave that for another day. Last night I found a nice backdrop for photographs, now I’m just looking for lighting and a background stand. Hopefully I can finally have some decent pictures of my costumes.

More site work

I spruced up the contact page by adding a form by which to email me. The usual links to my accounts on other sites are still there below the form. I may add more sites but other than that the contact page is done. I started on the costume links page but it’s far from finished. I’ve found a ton of dead links already and removed them. I finished my Artwork page. I noticed my drop-down menus don’t work on my iPad when the top button doesn’t link to a page. To fix this I guess I’ll make pages for Galleries and Links as another way to access the sub-pages.

Links pages converted

I converted my MLP, BJD and MISC. links pages to the new site design. I checked all the links and deleted the dead ones. The costuming links will have to wait for another day, it’s bedtime. I also fixed up the page for my Amalthea costume, the link is accessible in the Costumes section.