Pika Maid

From: Pokémon
Worn at: AWA 2008

This was pretty easy to make. I used a stretch velvet fabric I found on clearance for the dress and tail. The bodice is lined in matching cotton and the stripes on the back are faux suede pieces that I appliquéd on. It was lots of fun putting the hidden zipper in so that the stripes would match. The neck and hem are trimmed in velvet ribbon and lace. It’s not visible in the photos but I made a brown petticoat trimmed with lace to fluff the skirt up. My apron is a cotton blend trimmed with eyelet lace. I painted pokéballs on the front but people thought they were embroidered, even upon close inspection. I painted my shoes with acrylics and sealed them. They were too big so I stuffed the toes with pantyhose, a practice I don’t recommend. The ears were from my previous Pikachu costume, I just attached some lace to make it look like a little maid headpiece. My choker is velvet ribbon with a dangling wooden disc painted to look like a pokéball. I also painted large buttons to look like pokéballs for the center of the bows on my stockings. I wish I’d trimmed those ribbon tails shorter but I couldn’t bear to cut them. If I were to do it over again I’d probably flatline the bodice to help stabilize the stretch fabric. It also didn’t fit all that great, it came out baggy. On a positive note, the hotel background actually makes sense with my costume for once.