MLP Fair Fluttershy

Back from the MLP Fair! Here’s a pic of my Fluttershy in Wonderland costume as I wore it to the fair:


I ran out of time before I could get everything done. I got the basics but had to leave out the wings, ears and symbol on the pinafore. Even so, people recognized me as Fluttershy in Wonderland. I think I’ll bring this with me to DragonCon the next time I go. I’ll have to make a Discord as Mad Hatter costume for Ken. I also wanted to make an Angel bunny plush with a little waistcoat and pocket watch. By the time I go to DragonCon again next year it may be irrelevant lol.

Here are my goodies from the fair! All but the ponies came with my ticket package. I only found two ponies, Tootsie and Flowerbelle but Flowerbelle has super pink hair which can be hard to find. She just needs a little styling.



Aaaand the MLP Fair/SDCC exclusive…Mane-iac Mayhem and Spike as Humdrum. *sigh* Humdrum, indeed. I bought this with my ticket package before it was announced what the exclusive would be. I really hoped they’d do a G1/G4 crossover of some sort as the hints suggested but we got this instead. It’s not really my cup of tea so it’s going up on eBay soon.


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