Sailor Moon

From: Sailor Moon (anime version)
Worn at: AWA 2005

This was my first try at making my own Sailor Moon costume. It’s better than the one I bought on eBay all those years ago but it still has its problems. The torso needs to be a little longer and I didn’t get the point in the skirt roll. I used my real hair with extensions but my bangs (which I had cut specifically for this costume) weren’t full enough and the curl quickly fell out of the extensions. I’ll be making a wig the next time around. I do like how the sleeves came out so I’ll be keeping those in the new costume. I made the brooch, choker, earrings and odango covers while the tiara, star locket and moon wand were all bought items. The boots were standard gogo boots that I modified. The suit is lycra and the skirts, bow and collar are bridal satin. I think I’ll go with neoprene for the bodysuit when I remake this one. On a side note, I could have vacuumed up the leaves before I took these pictures. I also should have ironed the skirt.