Shelf liner

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my Blind Bag Pony Shelves and I decided I needed something to protect my tabletop from wood glue, wood putty and paint. I picked up a roll of Easy Liner shelf liner with the smooth top and grippy bottom. 20″ was the widest they had.



I rolled it out and used it while I glued up all my joints and attached my corner hardware. I also did my painting on it.


It’s easy to wipe clean and it stays in place very well. The rubbery surface is also helpful, it protects the shelves from scratches and dings. The one unfortunate thing about it is that it leaves these little specks of grippy stuff on the surface when it’s pulled up.


I had wanted something I could roll out, work on and pack away again. In light of the mess it leaves behind I’d say it’d be better for a more semi-permanent covering. Maybe as I use it more it’ll stop leaving the specks. It could also have to do with my table top being painted matte, maybe it wouldn’t do that on a glossy surface. Testing will continue.

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