More boring site updates

I mostly tweaked existing pages but I did make new pages for the Galleries, Links and Other pages. They should now work on mobile devices. I tweaked the banner a little adding better text. I’d like to have a few banners that cycle through when a new link is clicked on but I didn’t get to that today. I did go through and fix the Costume Links page. It’s all pretty now with links at the top of the page that jump to whatever section you select.

More site work

I spruced up the contact page by adding a form by which to email me. The usual links to my accounts on other sites are still there below the form. I may add more sites but other than that the contact page is done. I started on the costume links page but it’s far from finished. I’ve found a ton of dead links already and removed them. I finished my Artwork page. I noticed my drop-down menus don’t work on my iPad when the top button doesn’t link to a page. To fix this I guess I’ll make pages for Galleries and Links as another way to access the sub-pages.

Links pages converted

I converted my MLP, BJD and MISC. links pages to the new site design. I checked all the links and deleted the dead ones. The costuming links will have to wait for another day, it’s bedtime. I also fixed up the page for my Amalthea costume, the link is accessible in the Costumes section.