Random things I want to remember

The next time I do a skirt with an insane amount of ruffles (I’m looking at you, CLAMP) I want to try horsehair braid in the hem. Here’s a nice little written tutorial on the subject and here’s a YouTube video if you’re too lazy to read like I am.

Fashion croquis templates are predesigned figures that are used for sketching fashion designs. Doing a quick search of Google images turns up tons of them in various styles and poses. I’m usually too impatient to draw my own so these are a good option. If you do use one just make sure to give the creator credit in your writeup.

Finally, Generation 2 My Little Ponies all have eye jewels which sometimes fall out and become lost. I like to think they simply joined Bilbo in the Undying Lands but wherever they end up they still leave an unsightly dent in the poor pony’s eye. To remedy this, Swarovski crystals make excellent replacement jewels. Point back size PP18 seems to be the closest match. The color is up to you but I like Crystal AB as it compliments any pony.

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